Thank you for your support over all of these years. Unfortunately CenterFocus Experiences is closing after 10 years of dedicated work to serve the public, our local communities, and our land.

Check out, as they are picking up the same ethic and quality of service that CenterFocus represented during the past decade. The owner of this company was the operations manager for us through all of our experiences here at CenterFocus, and will continue to carry our mission forward.

If looking for canyoneering instruction, you can email ACA certified pro guide Garrett Bennett at It has been both a challenging and rewarding chapter in my life running this company, and I wish everyone the best of luck in your future endeavors in the wilderness environments.

Cheers – Garrett Bennett and David Malpas, Founders, CenterFocus Experiences

Havasupai - Fly In & Out

Our Havasupai guided helicopter hiking tours provide you with an aerial overview and provide us with more time to explore. These trips can involve one-way or round-trip flights, integrated into anywhere from two days up to a five day experience.

Once in the area we cast off to explore the turquoise waterfalls such as Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls, as well as explore the rarely visited side canyons. We can also hike to the Colorado River, explore the Green Room, or relax on the sky terrace behind a flowing waterfall. Maybe we will just relax and take it easy in one of the refreshing travertine pools that make up some of the best swimming holes in the world.

Our basecamp consists of comfortable tent-based sleeping accommodations. Our guides will serve hot breakfasts and dinners, and we provide quality lunches, fruits, snacks and drinks. Your equipment will be brought in and out by pack mule, so that we can comfortably travel light throughout the trip.

Discounts are available for larger groups of five or more.

  • - Time: Year round
  • - Difficulty Rating: 3/10 - 7/10
  • - Distance & Elevation: 2-18 miles ~ 700-2200 feet
  • - Days: 2 - 7

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