Havasupai guided backpacking trips and tours begin at Hualapai Hilltop, making a 10 mile descent through Hualapai and Havasu Canyon, past the native Supai Village and to our basecamp. From here we cast off to explore the turquoise waterfalls such as Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. While backpacking Havasupai, we can hike to the Colorado River, explore the green room, or relax on the sky terrace behind a flowing waterfall. Maybe we will just take it easy in one of the refreshing travertine pools that make up some of the best swimming holes in the world. Our camp consists of a comfortable sleeping setup, with tent based accommodations. CenterFocus guides prepare hot breakfasts and dinners, and we provide quality lunches, fresh fruits, snacks and drinks. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are also available upon request. We provide pack mules to bring your personal items in and out of the canyon for you, so we are able to travel light with smaller daypacks during the trip. This makes exploring the area a bit more enjoyable! Options are available for helicopter or horse transport as well. Contact us for more details on these options. Discounts are available for larger groups of five or more.

Day 1: We pickup in one of our many Northern Arizona destination cities and hike 10 miles into Havasupai. Eight miles into this hike we stop in the Native Village, where we stop to swim in New Navajo Falls. After this, we continue to our camp two more miles, spending the last of the day at Havasu Falls. The 10 mile hike into the area is through classic desert scenery, and contrasted by our arrival in the riparian life filled area of Havasu Creek.

Day 2: Today we explore Mooney Falls, travelling below these falls and down the famous chain ladder section during the descent. Once below Mooney, we head through amazing jungle like terrain with river crossings to reach Beaver Falls, and we may stop to see a hidden slot canyon on the way back. Enroute to camp a natural spring pouring from the wall can be used to clean off in totally clear cool water pouring from 20 feet above your head. For those looking to take it easy, we can guide you to Mooney Falls, and you may relax during the day in the many gourmet swimming holes near our camp, or at Havasu Falls itself.

Day 3: This is an early wakeup day, to avoid the heat during the warmer months, as it will be near the end of our hike today that will pose our greatest challenge. You will gain about 1000 feet over 8 miles, finishing with a 750 foot hill climb back to the canyon rimtop. The hike out in the morning while the sun is rising is gorgeous, and the goal today is taking our time, enjoying the scenery and watching the morning come to life as we work our way to the rimtop of the Grand Canyon.

Day 4 (optional): If you booked a four day trip, our final day will still be spent working our way out of Grand Canyon as stated above. However, our third day will serve as a second free day to further explore the area. There is a rich history here, marked by old mines and remnants of the past that your guide can provide information on. We can also go see any sites that have gone unseen, and simply have time to enjoy and relax in this place, something many customers realize and wish they had more time for once having arrived in the area.

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