Thank you for your support over all of these years. Unfortunately CenterFocus Experiences is closing after 10 years of dedicated work to serve the public, our local communities, and our land.

Check out, as they are picking up the same ethic and quality of service that CenterFocus represented during the past decade. The owner of this company was the operations manager for us through all of our experiences here at CenterFocus, and will continue to carry our mission forward.

If looking for canyoneering instruction, you can email ACA certified pro guide Garrett Bennett at It has been both a challenging and rewarding chapter in my life running this company, and I wish everyone the best of luck in your future endeavors in the wilderness environments.

Cheers – Garrett Bennett and David Malpas, Founders, CenterFocus Experiences

Grand Canyon

We offer guided backpacking and day hiking trips in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. These tours can involve a single day, several days, or up to a week long excursion. Our professional guides are experienced desert backpackers, some have guided around the world. All of our guides are familiar with the history of the park as well as the geology, flora, fauna, and anthropology of the surrounding area. In addition, all guides are medically trained Wilderness First Responders so that you can be sure you are in good hands throughout the journey. We include all top quality equipment, shuttle services, and everything else that you need to experience a proper backpacking journey within the Grand Canyon. We are also a locally based operator located in Northern Arizona.

For those looking to experience an overnight backpacking adventure into the Grand Canyon, but don't want to carry a heavy backpack, we offer Porter Assisted options for these journeys. Enjoy being deep in the Grand Canyon going from Rim to Rim or down the Hermit trail with the convenience of only carrying a day pack.

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