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When looking for the adventure of a lifetime look no further than Center Focus. We conduct backpacking, canyoneering, & rock climbing adventures in Arizona. Let our experienced guides take you on the outdoor adventure of your choice and you will have memories that will last a lifetime!


CenterFocus conducts backpacking trips in both Havasupai and the Grand Canyon. Backpacking gives you the opportunity to see the wonderful scenery of Arizona while giving you the opportunity to stop and enjoy life. Our backpacking trips are of varying lengths and difficulty so that you can find the backpacking trip that is just right for you.


Our canyoneering trips are based out of Sedona or Phoenix. Canyoneering is technical hiking that usually combines ropework and rappelling. The terrain in Arizona provides us with some of the most amazing canyoneering opportunities. As single or multi-day events you can book the perfect trip experience that fits into your budget and schedule.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a growing outdoor exercise activity that challenges the body and mind. CenterFocus provides rock climbing trips for various experience levels. These day trips are an excellent opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert and take in some amazing views. Our highly trained guides ensure that you will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Grand Canyon

Nearly five million people see the Grand Canyon each year. About 90% of them see it from the overlooks at the South Rim. To be part of the other 10% you can take a trip of a lifetime with CenterFocus and see the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon from a different perspective. Take a full Backpacking trip or enjoy a Day Hike with us and make the most of your trip to the Grand Canyon.


Havasupai is the ideal hiking destination for all hikers from beginners to seasoned veterans. Center Focus offers expertly guided tours of this beautiful canyon experience including amazing waterfalls. You can choose trips of differing lengths or even chose to fly in on a helicopter. Any trip to Havasupai with us at CenterFocus is sure to be an amazing memory that will last a lifetime.


Sedona is a beautiful part of Arizona full of wonderful scenic views. CenterFocus holds both half-day and full-day hikes in the Sedona area where you can take in the beauty and desert wildlife of Arizona. Also nearby Sedona is where we hold our rock climbing tours. Our expert rock climbers will guide you on a great trip where you not only learn to rock climb but get to take in the beautiful views as well.

We took a 1 day canyoneering trip outside Sedona with CenterFocus. We were both very impressed with not only the trip itself, but the caliber of our guides (Zach and Garrett). Well worth the money. Thanks! Will & Rose - Phoenix, AZ